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Turbochargers & Turbo Rebuild

If you’re looking for a way to noticeably boost your car’s performance, the engine experts at MA Performance offer a wide range of turbocharger upgrades. With the right system upgrade, our team of professionals can deliver dramatic improvement in horsepower and performance.

Boost Your Car’s Performance with a New Turbocharger or Remanufactured One!

We sell new turbochargers and turbocharger accessories for a variety of cars. And if you need a less costly option, our remanufactured turbochargers will fit the bill. In fact, we have something for everyone - whether you’re looking for better performance or a complete custom engine.

The Difference Between a Turbocharger and a Supercharger

When it comes to car engine terminology, a good understanding of parts and components will help to make better purchasing decisions. Oftentimes, the terms turbocharger and supercharger are interchangeably mentioned – but there’s a definite difference between these components.

Both turbochargers and superchargers compress the air going into the engine, thus providing added power (sometimes 50% more power). Indeed, a turbocharger can provide RPM speed that is 30 times faster than a conventional engine. Turbochargers are very effective in high altitudes.

Superchargers compress air and create a boost by forcing that air right into the engine. As such, a supercharger adds about 45% more horsepower, mainly because the increased airflow allows more fuel into the combustion process. Superchargers also do well in high altitude locations.

The Operating Principle and Advantages of Turbochargers

Power output in an engine is relative to the volume of fuel and air that combusts. A turbocharged engine compresses air, allowing a large volume of air into the combustion chamber, and resulting in more efficient fuel combustion. This increases power output and reduces exhaust emissions

Advantage of Turbochargers

Because of exhaust emission standards, car manufacturers design engines to meet environmental regulations, while offering a comfortable ride. Unlike a conventional engine, turbochargers offer lower fuel consumption and re-use some of the energy from exhaust gases (better efficiency).

Much Quicker Reaction Time

In a typical application, it’s common for a turbocharger upgrade to double your engine power.  This results in much quicker reaction time when driving. Turbochargers are also known to affect power loss at high engine speeds (this is particularly advantageous in engines that are quite big).

High-Altitude Performance

Turbocharged engines perform much better in higher altitudes. In a conventional engine, low air pressure at high altitude compromises engine power. With a turbocharger, engine performance is improved because of the difference in air pressure between the engine and the atmosphere.

Boosting Your Car’s Engine Performance at MA Performance

If you’re shopping around for a turbocharger upgrade, let the professionals at MA Performance help you with the right product and an expert installation.

We Carry All the Top Brands – Including Tomei, HKS, Garrett, and Turbonetics.

You can call us for a quote or you can visit us for a “shop tour” - we’ll show you how our state-of-the-art operation can meet and exceed your expectations. We are the engine experts throughout Vaughan Region and around the Greater Toronto Area. Call one of us directly at 905-660-6100 or view our products.

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