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Pipes & Performance Exhaust Systems in the Greater Toronto Area

You’re looking for a performance exhaust system in the Greater Toronto Area. And you just need a little more advice on options available and what’s best for your vehicle. At MA Performance, you’ll get it all – the advice – the quality components – and superior installation on the system.

Understanding Stock Exhaust Systems and High Performance Systems

Exhaust Services from MA PerformanceIf you’re already shopping for a performance exhaust system in the Greater Toronto Area, you probably understand more than just the basics. Essentially, a performance exhaust system will have the same features as the factory installed system. The difference is that the performance exhaust system won’t be as restrictive as the system that was installed by the car manufacturer.

Factory installed exhaust systems are simply not optimized for the best flow of exhaust gas. For carmakers, the focus seems to be on the design and placement of components rather than the performance of the exhaust system. As such, car engines tend to work much harder during the combustion process, resulting in lower horsepower, and gas mileage that is not maximized.

When you have a high performance exhaust system installed in your vehicle, there are fewer restrictions in the exhaust pipes and the diameter of pipes is increased. When upgrading the exhaust system in this way, there are a number of benefits derived – from improved sound, to improved energy efficiency, to improved horsepower. In short, there’s a noticeable difference.

Improved Sound

A high performance exhaust system has a “rumbling roar” to it that is much stronger and more powerful than a stock system. Also known as a “high flow exhaust” system, your performance exhaust will have larger pipes made from heavy-duty stainless steel. The “roaring” sound can also be achieved by installing specific muffler systems that offer a wide range of tones and volumes.

Undoubtedly, performance exhaust systems are somewhat cosmetic in nature. In fact, for many car enthusiasts, it’s just about hearing that powerful sound of a roaring engine. What’s important when shopping for a performance exhaust system in the Greater Toronto Area is to insist on a professional installation. And at MA Performance, you can count on both quality and expertise

Improved Engine Efficiency

One of the more important benefits of a “high flow exhaust” system is the overall improvement of engine efficiency. Because of the wider exhaust pipes, exhaust gases flow more freely, and the engine cylinders get rid of more waste gas. Having fewer impurities in the engine cylinder, the engine is now able to burn more oxygen, which translates directly into additional horsepower.

When you have an efficient engine, you can count on an average of 2% increased fuel mileage. And with responsible driving habits, fuel savings can be significant over the course of the year.

It’s these types of benefits that support the expense of installing a performance exhaust system in in place of a factory system. Finally, there’s no need to worry about losing warrantee coverage.

Improved Horsepower

If you’re intent on installing a performance exhaust system in the Greater Toronto Area, you’re probably intent on improving your horsepower as part of the upgrade. According to industry statistics, you can improve your vehicle’s horsepower by about 10% with an aftermarket exhaust system. And depending on your driving habits, this could make a big difference out on the road.  

A good quality “high flow exhaust” system, professionally installed, could actually boost your power performance by an extra 25 horsepower (and 60 pound feet of torque). Naturally, results will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but with MA Performance you can get valuable advice on which system is best for your needs and which installation will deliver the most benefit to your vehicle.

Shopping for Your Performance Exhaust System in the Greater Toronto Area

These days, every driver has a different set of priorities when it comes to performance. With aftermarket exhaust systems, the benefits make the purchase worthwhile. For some drivers, it’s about that growling sound. For others, it’s about enhanced horsepower. And for others, it might be the fuel efficiency. Whatever the case, if you’re shopping around for a performance exhaust system in the Greater Toronto Area, MA Performance can provide the end-to-end service. Find out more by calling 905-660-6100, or visit the company website to view our products .

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