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Performance ECU Remapping
& Chip Tuning

Did you know that you can enhance your vehicle’s speed, power, and fuel economy in about 30 minutes with professional ECU remapping performed by the specialists at MA Performance?

All modern vehicles are equipped with an ECU (Electronic Control Unit), which sends the standard signals to the engine, as well as monitors and regulates all of the engine functions. Vital signals from the engine sensors are continuously transmitted to the ECU, so that real-time adjustments can be made. Through ECU map, ECU measures and constantly controls parameters, such as engine speed, fuel pressure, lambda and pedal position, boost pressure, cam timing, and more.

What is ECU Remapping?

ECU remapping refers to the process of extracting the ECU’s standard software (the “map”), modifying it, and reloading it back onto the ECU. The map file extracted will actually contain several maps, such as Fuel Pressure Map, Boost Map, Injection Quantity Map, and others. If these maps are recalibrated significantly, the vehicle’s engine performance and efficiency can be drastically improved. With most cars, we are able to simply plug into their on-board diagnostic (OBD) port, – a standardized port present in cars post 2000, - and perform any required modifications.

The Difference Between ECU Remapping & Chip Tuning

Chip tuning, or “chipping”, is an ECU remapping alternative used for older vehicles – primarily for cars manufactured prior to 2000. In fact, remapping is simply a more modern approach to chip tuning. With chipping, we have to physically open the vehicle’s ECU, unsolder EPROM, and extract the chip manually in order to tune and reconfigure it, and then replace it into the vehicle, typically via soldering.

Why are Factory ECU’s Detuned?

The two main factors that engine manufacturers aim for are flexibility and compatibility, as the engines need to perform in various countries around the globe. Once the vehicle leaves the assembly line, it must be able to cope with extreme temperature fluctuations, various climatic conditions, and other environmental factors. Even the fuel qualities are not the same in every country. As a result, engines and ECU’s from the factory are detuned and governed to be able to cope with a broad array of conditions.

Another factor is cost. For most models, over development is avoided in order to reduce the development costs. The manufacturers can improve their bottom line by limiting the engine power by the means of an ECU program, and then, without encountering additional development costs, they are able to produce more powerful models at a higher price.

Map Optimization

When we optimize the vehicle’s ECU map, we are able to tap into these untapped power reserves. We tune signals, such as fuel quality and injection, and boost pressure depending on the air volume present, load, rpm, and other correction factors, which we use to determine the correct injection time. Some of the parameters altered as a result of map optimization are injection quantity and duration, injection pressure, spark advance, turbo boost pressure, pedal maps, and torque limiters.

ECU Remapping & Chip Tuning | MA PerformanceRemapping Techniques

Different cars require different approaches for map optimization. At MA Performance, for each individual client, we find the best way to achieve optimum results with various types of ECU tuning.

OBD Remapping

Remapping through the On-Board-Diagnostic port is the most non-intrusive and efficient tuning method. OBD Remapping from MA Performance yields truly amazing results, even without opening the bonnet. We use professional remapping equipment to extract the ECU map data from the ECU through the OBD port, modify it, and then reload it back via the same process.

Bench Tuning

Unfortunately, remapping a vehicle through an OBD port is not always possible: the port may be faulty, the ECU may be “tune protected”, or the vehicle may simply not have the port. “Bench tuning” refers to the process of physically extracting the ECU from the vehicle and connecting to the internal circuit board of the ECU “on the work bench.”

Chip Tuning (“Chipping”)

Earlier ECU’s contained EEPROM’s (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory), also known as “chips”, that stored the map information. In order to read the data programmed on these chips, we have to de-solder the chip from the board and place it in a chip reader. The data is then modified and reloaded on the chip.

Earlier ECU’s often contain OTP (One Time Programmable) Chips, which means that the data can be extracted from the chip, but the modified data cannot be programmed back. In this case, our experts at MA Performance will program a new chip and solder it to the circuit board. This process is called “chip change”.

Contact MA to Achieve the Maximum Performance of Your Vehicle

At MA Performance, we have experience with all types of ECU remapping for all vehicle manufacturers. Based on your vehicle’s model and year of production, we will recommend the best method that will help to get the maximum performance of your vehicle. Just imagine, - in under an hour, you will have a more powerful and efficient car!

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