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Custom High Performance Engines in Greater Toronto Area & Vaughan

Have you ever paid attention to what types of cars have custom high performance engines in Greater Toronto Area? Of course, full-blown race cars immediately come to mind, but what about street rods or muscle cars?

The fact is, just about anyone can get their car to go faster, making high-performance custom engines more and more popular among the general public. Today, the top fuel dragsters can achieve 7000 horsepower – enough to push these monsters well over 300mph! With custom engine building from MA Performance, you can quickly turn your vehicle into a powerful beast you always dreamt of.

Custom High Performance Engines in Greater Toronto Area: Parts & Services

In a high power performance engine, the pressure and heat of combustion are amplified significantly due to higher compression, increased RPM, and possible power adders. Therefore, special high-performance components are required.

Custom Performance Pistons, Rings, and Connecting Rods

At MA Performance, we offer a range of pistons, rings, and connecting rods specifically for a custom high performance engine in Greater Toronto Area – from performance rods manufactured from forged or billet steel to aluminum rods for drag racing. Performance piston materials range from cast hypereutectic aluminum to forged and billet aluminum, depending on the custom engine’s horsepower. Finally, for custom performance ring design, we recommend thinner rings that create less friction, yet offer improved sealing and great oil control. Such rings are made from steel or ductile iron.

Custom Valves

All the air that flows in or out of the engine must circumnavigate the valve. As such, valves with smaller diameter, and, as a result, increased air flow, will allow the engine to rev higher and increase volumetric efficiency and horsepower.

Another advantage of using smaller valves is reduced weight. A lighter valve means the increased RPM and greater horsepower.

Head Porting and Polish Services

Cylinder heads are produced using a casting process, following by CNC machining that is used to mill out any required small chamfers. This entire process results in a fairly rough cylinder head.

Efficiency of a custom high performance engine in Greater Toronto Area can be improved by refining or smoothing this airflow path and removing any rough patches. Reduced turbulence of the fluid flow will result in a smoother intake and exhaustion of the system, and, thus, add a few more horses into the stable.

Head Resurfacing

Sometimes, after welds or other repairs have been made, or as a result of corrosion or erosion, the deck surface of the cylinder head may become not smooth or flat. Consider cylinder head resurfacing cervices from MA Performance to restore surface finish or flatness or to achieve the desired compression ratio.

Engine Sleeves Installation

A cylinder sleeve or liner is a cylindrical engine component that protects the engine’s bore. It also takes part in transferring heat from the piston to the coolant. Custom high performance engines in Greater Toronto Area require special sleeves with improved yield strength, tensile strength, and elongation. Ductile iron used for our custom engine sleeves is made to withstand the highest cylinder pressure and the maximum horsepower.

How Does the Engine Work?

If you are seriously interested in boosting your car’s performance, first and foremost, you need to understand what goes on under the hood. The way the engine works is actually quite simple:

1. Suck in Some Air

The oxygen in the air is necessary for fuel to burn. Therefore, the 1st step is simply pulling in plenty of air.

2. Mix it with Fuel

To use up the oxygen in the air, you need a specific amount of fuel. Modern vehicles utilize fuel injection to do this job, but in old school engines, carburetor is used.

3. Burn it Up

As soon as the air and fuel reach the engine cylinder, they get compressed. After that, at the right moment, the spark plug fires, shoving the pistons down. The pistons then turn the crankshaft, which, in turn, rotates the wheels.

4. Exhaust

After the fuel gets burned, the engine needs to get rid of the exhaust.

Simply increase any of this, and you will get greater power, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple.

A power programmer might talk about huge horsepower increase, but they run their tests in a laboratory setting. You can’t really expect the same results in reality. The amount of fuel delivered by a high flow fuel pump could be way too much fuel if your air intake is clogged. A free-flowing exhaust can seem promising, but what happens if it has the backpressure is wrong? Unless you know how to make different parts complement each other, you will be wasting a great deal of time and money. This is where MA Performance comes into play!

Contact MA Performance Today for Custom Engine Parts & Services

MA Performance is the true expert in custom high performance engines in Greater Toronto Area and Vaughan – we build all kinds of performance engines that will match the needs of virtually any car enthusiast. Our services range from supplying custom engine components to complete engine assemblies, and our experience and dedication to detail in the engine building process set us apart from the rest. Email us at info@maperformance.com or call 905-660-6100 for more information.


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