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Professional Car Maintenance Services in the Greater Toronto Area

Regular vehicle maintenance is essential for optimal performance day-to-day, and even more essential in averting serious problems down the road. Unfortunately, many vehicle owners opt for vehicle maintenance when there’s trouble brewing. With MA Performance, you can count on trusted and reliable maintenance services in the Greater Toronto Area.

For the basics, it’s quite easy to keep an eye on tire pressure, oil levels, and engine fluids (even if you have to check with the vehicle handbook). But when it comes to more in depth maintenance, nothing beats the expertise of a specialist. If you’re currently looking for maintenance services in the Greater Toronto Area, MA Performance has the experienced experts.

Reliable maintenance services in the Greater Toronto Area

Wheel Alignments

Proper wheel alignment ensures that your tires are performing at peak - level to the ground, parallel to each other, and pointing straight forward. Professionals consider wheel alignments to be the most important aspect of tire maintenance. Tire life will be maximized. Vehicle handling will be much smoother. And with better road performance, fuel costs are reduced. When routine wheel alignments are neglected, drivers experience more “rolling resistance”, disproportionate tire wear, and shorter tire life. With the Hunter Wheel Alignment Machine, our skilled technicans will resolve any issues with vehicle handling as well as maximize the lifespan of your tires.

Corner Balancing

Corner balancing is about achieving balanced diagonal weight on all four tires. In ideal situations, a vehicle should have 50% weight on the left front/right rear tires, and 50% weight on the right front/left rear tires. When the weight percentage isn’t equal, vehicle handling is unbalanced. This often happens in vehicles with low suspension or coilovers and is quite noticeable when the vehicle turns more easily in one direction than the other. Depending on shock absorbers and springs, corner balancing is a good periodic maintenance (especially if your springs are on the stiff side). 

Oil Changes

Changing oil on a regular basis is probably the most important part of vehicle maintenance. The idea is to remove the old oil from the engine and replace it with new oil. In most situations, the oil filter is also exchanged for a new filter at the same maintenance period.

Regardless of how well you might maintain your vehicle, engine oil does break down and wear out. As such, it becomes less effective as a lubricant and less effective in absorbing heat. Failure to change your oil regularly can cause engine troubles (sometimes major).

Many auto mechanics recommend an oil change every 5,000 kilometers, all depending on your driving habits and demands. You can certainly prolong this and change the oil at 8,000 kilometers but regular and routine oil changes are critical to vehicle performance.

Brake Maintenance

Brake fluid must be kept full. Low brake fluid puts excess strain on the brake cylinder – and can also affect your brake pads, rotors and drums. Professional brake inspections are essential on a regular basis, no matter what type of wheels you may be driving on.

With brakes, regular maintenance is simply preventative – in the event of a problem, an expert mechanic can easily assess and recommend a remedy. You should also pay close attention to the dashboard indicators, and in particular if you see the “brake” light on.

While its important to visually check your vehicle for leaking engine oil, steering fluid, or brake fluid, nothing can compare with comprehensive brake maintenance. May auto mechanics will recommend a brake check every third oil change, or 15,000 kilometers.

Clutch Installation

Today, most clutches are designed to tolerate about 120,000 kilometers of driving, thus making repairs and/or replacement a rare expense. However, one serious problem with the clutch is slipping or sticking - both are signs that a clutch inspection is required.

With a clutch, too much free play or too much stiffness definitely requires an adjustment. It could be something straightforward such as the fluid reservoirs, or it could me something complex like the cables and hardware right inside your vehicle’s clutch mechanism.

If you’re having warning signs with the clutch, and neglect to inspect the issues, you could be setting things up for serious damage to engine and transmission. Serious or not, it’s best to have a professional address the situation, since there’s no good DIY solution.

Tire Balancing and Installation (with Road Force Balancing)

Road force balancing focuses on the even distribution of tire mass and wheel assembly. While conventional tire balancing measures imbalances, road force balancing focuses on the “up/down” motion of a tire. Road force balancing helps detect irregularities overlooked by tire balancing.

An imbalance in the tire/wheel assembly causes wobbling as the tire rotates. The wobbling then causes vibrations as the speed of the vehicle increases. If you ignore the vibrations, you’re going to experience irregular tire wear and additional stress/strain on the overall suspension system. Our tire service technicians use the premium diagnostic wheel balancer equipment from Hunter Engineering to pinpoint the root of your problem, along with other associated problems.

  • Wheel imbalance
  • Wheel run-out
  • Force variation
  • Mounting errors

Computerized Engine Diagnostics and Maintenance

These days, most late-model cars are equipped with onboard computer systems that control practically everything - like fuel injectors, steering, spark plugs, and much more. Oftentimes, when something is wrong, the “check engine” indicator will light up.

In most cases, the “check engine” indicator is telling you that something is wrong and diagnosis is required. That’s when a computerized engine diagnosis is valuable in determining the root of the problem and possible remedies.  It’s best not to ignore the indicator.

Preventive maintenance is also important in ensuring long vehicle life and thousands of driving kilometres. Taking care of small things during regular maintenance appointments will certainly guarantee optimal performance, while averting potential problems.

Automotive Fluid Flushes - Key to Optimum Performance

If you smell burning oil, or notice leaking fluids, it’s time to evaluate and remedy. Transmission fluid is designed to lubricate and clean, but must be changed periodically as recommended by the manufacturer (usually every 45,000 kilometres).

With automatic transmissions, the transmission fluid degrades over time. Flushing and replacing the fluid improves transmission lubrication and maximizes the overall life of the transmission.

Manual transmissions operate in much the same way – with the lubricant protecting the gears and bearings. Here again, changing the fluid averts premature wear and potential costly damage.

Professional Welding and Custom Metal Fabrication

When it comes to professional welding and custom metal fabrication, we have the experience and expertise (and creative skills) to accommodate even the most demanding jobs. Whether you need floorboards restored in an older model, or custom fabrication for a vintage vehicle, we can do it.

Unfortunately, as cars age, finding replacement parts becomes difficult, sometimes impossible. This is when metal fabrication may be the answer (custom fabrication is priced per project). Amongst our metal fabrication services, our professional welding service includes the following:

  • Steel and aluminum welding
  • On-site and off-site welding
  • Machining/fabricating parts       

Expert Vehicle Maintenance from the Professionals at MA Performance

By any measure, a well-maintained vehicle will deliver both performance and longevity. For quality maintenance services in the Greater Toronto Area, you can count on MA Performance for the experience and expertise to provide service for every type of domestic or foreign vehicle.

If you’re shopping around for maintenance services in the Greater Toronto Area, call us for advice - call us for a price quote – or visit us for a personal “shop tour”. We’ll show you around our state-of-the-art operation and show you how quality work can make a difference. In Vaughan Region and around the GTA, call 905-660-6100 or visit our website to view our products .

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