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High Performance Body Kits in the Greater Toronto Area & Vaughan

Inspired by the racecar industry, body kits are designed to deliver less drag and more downforce, especially at high speeds. If you’re shopping around for body kits in the Greater Toronto Area, MA Performance can do it all for you – from air dams, to rear spoilers, to diffusers.

Beyond built-in horsepower, a high quality body kit can provide aerodynamic improvement that delivers much better control over road speed. If you’re a serious car enthusiast, MA Performance can set you up with a wide selection of body kits in the Greater Toronto Area.

If you’re keen on road control, then aerodynamic elements can make a noticeable difference with drifting. By any measure, aerodynamic improvements (like a rear wing or front splitter) will keep the front end of the car down, hugging the road, while drifting at high speeds.

The truth is, you don’t have to be a race driver to benefit from aerodynamics. With decreased wind resistance and increased downforce, you’ll be burning less fuel and deriving better vehicle performance. Even with a basic body kit, enhanced performance is affordable.

For Maximum Performance  - it’s All about Downforce

If you’re looking to maximize vehicle performance, improving downforce dynamics is the place to start. When you improve downforce, you create downwards thrust for your car, allowing you to travel faster, and with much more control (particularly around corners). Downforce serves to increase vertical force on your tires, thus providing more grip, and more road control.

You don’t have to drive a racecar or compete on a racetrack to benefit from improved downforce dynamics. With a good body kit installation, you can make some discernable improvements that will enhance both performance and handling. At MA Performance, in house professionals offer a variety of body kits in the Greater Toronto Area, and some of the best industry brands.

With the right aerodynamic components installed, downforce will use the airflow around the car to maintain stability. Whatever the vehicle type (even a motor bike), downforce actually “forces” the vehicle down to the road. In fact, for Formula 1 race drivers, downforce plays a dominant role in extra performance. Just imagine the performance boost on a typical Ontario highway!

Without getting overly technical, let’s say that when we add aerodynamic downforce to a vehicle, acceleration is maximized through all four tires. The overall idea with downforce is to put added pressure on the chassis and tires so that the vehicle is planted on the road surface. If you’re ready to get things going, count on MA Performance for body kits in the Greater Toronto Area.

Brand Name Body Kits in the Greater Toronto Area

If you’re a car enthusiast, sports car fanatic, or just car-crazy, MA Performance can provide you with the aftermarket aerodynamics that you’re looking for. From fiberglass, to polyurethane, to ABS plastic, we have the name brand products to satisfy your every need. Choose from GReddy, Rocket Bunny/Pandem, Extreme Dimensions – or just tell us what you need and we’ll source it. We have full kits, side skirts, bumpers, valances, spoilers, hood scoops, and window louvers.

FAQs about Body Kits in the Greater Toronto Area

At MA Performance, we get countless industry-related questions – some of them more common than others. Here, our FAQ collection should cover most of the more relevant topics and issues.

Q:  What are body kits made from and what's the difference between them?

Fiberglass body kits are probably the most prevalent. They are very cost-effective to fabricate and are usually hand-made. They won’t have the same precision (fit and finish) as machine-made components. Needless to say, fiberglass body kits will not withstand a fender-bender like your polyurethane body kit. Paint adheres well to fiberglass and it won't warp in extreme weather conditions. Higher-end fiberglass kits (with specialty resins) offer durability and affordability.

Polyurethane body kits are more costly than fiberglass because they cost substantially more to make. These body kits are machine-made, ensuring a high standard of precision (fit and finish). A polyurethane body kit can actually withstand a small accident and stay intact. On the downside, paint does not adhere well, and it takes work to achieve a perfect finish. As well, polyurethane is prone to warping in extreme temperature. Finally, polyurethane kits cost more than fiberglass.

ABS plastic body kits are the most similar to your vehicle components. Today, many automobile manufacturers use ABS plastic to fabricate body panels. In terms of manufacturing, ABS plastic body kits are pre-designed and machine-made. They are much easier to paint than polyurethane kits, although not as flexible. Like the polyurethane body kits, customized ABS plastic body kits are more expensive than fiberglass, since they are more capital-intensive to design and fabricate.

Q:  Similar styles of body kits are sold under different brands. What's the difference?

It’s true that the same style of body kit might be available from more than one manufacturer (and under a different brand name). This simply means that more than one manufacturer is making the same style of body kit. At MA Performance, regardless of the manufacturer, you are assured of the highest industry standard. And while there may be slight production differences, our team of experts can help to ascertain which product to go with, and answer any other relevant questions.

Q:  In general, what is included when purchasing a quality made body kit?

A full body kit will generally include four components - the front bumper, the rear bumper, and the side skirts. Again, depending on the manufacturer, specifications might vary. In some cases, a body kit will come with fender flares, spoilers, hoods, and/or other accessories. When dealing with the professionals at MA Performance, you’ll be advised of the best approach for your vehicle.

Q:  What’s the primary difference between “body kits” and “ground effects”?

Body kits, ground effects, spoiler kits, and aero kits are terminology that essentially means the same. These are all related to various aspects of car design, and refer specifically to aerodynamic improvements that create downforce (particularly in the racing car environment). From Indy Cars to Formula One cars, all of them employ various elements of “ground effects” in their design.

Q:  What exactly is the purpose of a body kit and why purchase a body kit?

Essentially, a body kit is a collection of parts and components that will modify the appearance of your vehicle once everything is installed. A typical body kit will modify the way that the front and rear bumpers appear (as well as the rocker panels). In some cases, a body kit would consist of custom bumpers that actually replace factory bumpers. In other cases, the custom components are added to the factory bumpers. For the most part, body kits come equipped with side-skirts that are typically installed right on top of the factory rocker panels.

In terms of aesthetics, a body kit creates the impression that a vehicle is hugging the road closely. Based on personal taste, you can choose from an aggressive look, a clean streamlined look, or a racecar look. Out of all the things that you can do to modify your vehicle, a body kit is probably the one that will make the biggest impact in terms of appearance. If you’re currently shopping around for body kits in the Greater Toronto Area, count on MA Performance for high quality components and the highest standard of installation in the business.

Q:  Are body kits durable enough for daily driving, or are they only for show?

When professionally installed, body kits are very durable and can easily withstand day-to-day driving. If you have chosen to install a fiberglass body kit, this material can crack in a fender-bender, or if you inadvertently hit something rigid. In general, body kit lifespan is very good, and if you want added durability, consider installing the polyurethane body kit (if it’s available).

Q:  Is it possible to mix and match body kit components for a customized design?

At MA Performance, we can customize practically anything that you can dream up. Sticking with a specific brand and pre-designed components will naturally keep the cost down. However, if you want to mix and match the components for a more customized look, component pricing and installation costs will reflect this special order. Again, we’ll recommend what’s the best route.

For Quality Body Kits in the Greater Toronto Area, You Can Rely on MA Performance

If you’re looking to “soup up” your vehicle, you can count on MA Performance for high quality body kits in the Greater Toronto Area. Find out what we can do for you - call for a price estimate - or visit us personally for a “shop tour”. We’ll show you exactly how quality products and superior installation can make a difference. For service throughout the Greater Toronto Area, call directly at  905-660-6100 or visit our company website to view our products.

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