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Ford Performance M-6066-MSVT29T

Supercharger Kit; 2.9L Twin Screw Supercharger; Throttle Body Injected; Black Wrinkle Finish; Not For Sale On Pollution Control Vehicles

At comparable boost levels the unit delivers more power, cooler charge temps, and less parasitic loss than stock supercharger. 2.9 Liter Twin-Screw Whipple Supercharger Assembly with 3 Inch pulley. Fits 5.4 Liter DOHC 2007 to 2010 Mustang SVT engines. Black Wrinkle Finish.

Engine Compatibility: Ford V8 5.4L 330 Cubic Inch

Charger Type: 2.9L Twin Screw Supercharger

Fuel Delivery Application: Fuel Injected

Finish: Wrinkle

Color: Black



Brand Model Years
Ford Mustang 2005 - 2014

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