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The thrill of reaching 60 in a flash, easily taking on tight turns, and stopping on a dime is what turns everyday driving into the ultimate pastime. If you want to give your car a little extra personality or add a few more horses, high-performance upgrades from MA are what you need.

Quality Services for Better Performance

We utilize the latest technologies in the industry and offer a full range of services to satisfy every client’s desire and meet any performance requirement. MA technicians have years of experience in the field, and know all the “ins” and “outs” of how to turn a regular car into a high-performance beast.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Servicing Any Make & Model

At MA Performance, we appreciate variety and see each vehicle as a new and exciting challenge. We welcome all auto makes and models, and our skilled and highly experienced technicians are thrilled to work with any vehicle – from good old classics to the freshest models on the market.

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Clients throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area choose to work with us for our outstanding technical knowledge, premium quality of services, and exceptional customer care.

Want to know more about MA Performance or chat with our experts? Give us a call at 905-660-6100 or visit our Concord location.


More Power Better Performance

Our Mission

Our Success Formula: Technical Expertise & Passion

The automotive industry is fast-changing, and keeping up with state-of-the-art technologies requires continuous training. The technicians at MA Performance are always up-to-date with the news in the field to ensure that you get the most expert service.There is something else that sets us apart, however. The passion of each and every technician at MA Performance means that nothing is overlooked when your vehicle comes to the shop, and all the smallest things are taken care of.


We Care about Customer Satisfaction

MA Performance is not just about upgrading your vehicle – it’s all about building a long-term relationship with each customer and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. At MA Performance, we do whatever it takes to deliver top quality services in a very personalized manner. We have created a work environment that promotes respect, trust, and fairness, – from the initial consultation to the vehicle pick up and beyond, for years to come.

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